Automotive: Earth Car Kit (MEP 0)

This is the biggest immediate benefit coming from our technology for our planet. Adapting the new technology to existing automotives.

We reduce pollution (wrecked cars)
We give total assistance to our kit customers
We save energy/mile thanks to our system working with a fraction of energy normally required. Advantages from this: easier and quicker charge, smaller pollution if the energy used is not clean
We deliver a total service and we create opportunities of studying, researching, working, marketing. Many opportunities and growing up. 
We change the world... by keeping our cars and adapting them


We have brought our experience in building autonomous drones (Elf 1 and Elf 2) and in the automotive mechatronics for making the transformation of a Mini Cooper in an all electric Mini Cooper with driving assistance through electronic glasses. We have kept the original appearance (new electric engine) and we have built solid apps for assisting the drive and for customizing its utilization. Now we rescue wrecked cars (any brand) and put them back to the road with efficiency and saving our planet from pollution (which derives from keeping them wrecked)

Our mechatronic kit:
Artificial Intelligence
Magnetic Engine
Inverter + BMS
Adapters and no soldering needed

Our kits are ready to go for mounting easily after attending our courses
Semiautonomous and autonomous kits available
Premium assistance available

Answer is: learn the new world.
Programmers. Mechatronics. Multidisciplanary experts. Robot technicians. AI experts.
Internship with us.




our kit: STEP ONE

Our electric engine, inverter, BMS, ready to be mounted on cars with exhausted engine.


our kit: STEP TWO

Mounting easily with our technologies, no difficult pieces to adapt. We create all the necessary 3d scanned adapters for you.


our kit @ work

Mount, test, go. Problems? We assist step by step.