Autonomous systems


Artificial Intelligence software development, courses and problem solving, parallel and quantum programming, machine learning, computer vision and courses Python 4 Robotics (Python, Haskell, CUDA C/C++)

Creation of autonomous vehicles as cars or pods for passenger transportation, both for mass movement (bus / ship) and for moving a few people / things (small connection modules or cars)

Elf project: air drone (Elf 1) and its autonomous ground station (Elf 2), space drone (Elf 3)

Roberto Meniconi and Maurizio Viviani, Mini Cooper project, retrofitted with nanophosphate batteries, four seats, autonomous drive

Digimatronics: intelligent and autonomous system based on active surveillance of any type of sensor (not just cameras)

3D prototyping: both vehicles Digimatronics the system can repair itself reprinting damaged parts, essential for security operations and / or in remote areas or contaminated or after accidents. Active participation and programming to DARPA in 2013 for the creation of humanoid robots to be used in the event of accidents

Strong Artificial Intelligence algorithms creation

Troubleshooting multiple tracking SLAM

FabLab creation - development center

Astronomy and Astrophysics data computation

Astronomy and Astrophysics data computation